About the Practitioner

I have experience in energy healing, seated chair massage, reflexology, relaxation massage, and deep tissue massage & lymph massage. Techniques that I use include: trigger point therapy, muscle energy, neuromuscular techniques, passive positioning, myofascial technique, therapeutic exercise strategies, stretching, use of thermal and cryo agents. I am trained in craniosacral, handicapped, hospice, special needs, geriatric, pregnancy, and infant massage instruction.

Massage Therapy Diploma –With Honors

Minnesota School of Business, Shakopee, MN (2005)

Myoskeletal Therapist Certification

Freedom From Pain Institute, Los Angeles, CA (2010)

Herbalist Certification

Matthew Alfs, Roseville, MN (2012)

Herbalist Certification

International Insitute Of Holistic Healing, Dallas, TX (2011)

Insurance Billing for Medical Massage

Madison Mahoney, Tallahassee, FL (2007)

Certified Infant Massage Instructor

Loving Touch Foundation, Portland, OR (2006)

Usui Advanced Reiki Energy Therapy

Normandale College, Bloomington, MN (2005-2006)



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